OOAK Sacred Soul Handpainted Drum

Price depends on size, details etc . 
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I ask. I listen. I Allow. I receive. I trust. I paint.

Sacred Soul OOAK Drum 

To Play & to Display

Sacred instruments, used in ceremony, healing etc

Drumming allows you to shift your consciousness

Each drum is unique and unrepeatable, as well as each one of us.

In the womb you heard your mother’s heartbeat

your initiation into life is first sensed completely through rhythm.

You may know what you want on your drum.

Or, I can journey on this for you ...

I than ask you to trust that your Spirit Team and I will deliver an experience designed for your highest good.

You will be involved in every step of this amazing process.

I prefer to paint Remo drums which are drums made from a synthetic fiberskyn. 

Remo's Native American Style synthetic VEGAN drum, also known as the "Buffalo" drum, is an excellent choice for drum circles,

sweat lodges, healing, ritual, and ceremony.

I am able to paint your own drum for you or can source a Remo Buffalo Drum for you and paint it.

Layer by Layer

Message by Message 

The painting emerges

in what it is meant to be 

Each layer is filled with meaning

with messages

with energy work

with symbolism



Drums can be shipped worldwide. I use a courier and drums can be insured for their full value.

Benefits of a Sacred Soul OOAK Custom Handpainted Drum : 

- Each vibration, each wave, tunes our interior with the abyssal roots of the Earth.

- Its frequencies act in our brain favoring the entry into states of deep relaxation.

- Drumming reduces stress, anxiety and tension

- Helps contril chronic pain

- Boosts the immune system

- Helps to reach deeper self awareness, 

- Accesses the entire Brain

- Induces natural altered states of consciousness

- Release negative feelings, blocks and emotional trauma

- Helps you to stay in the present moment


What you will receive : 

During this process, I use a variety of healing modalities to help you harness the positive energies that will allow you to claim your healing.


- The handpainted unique OOAK custom DRUM, handpainted especially for you, intuitively channeled energy for you in your essence

Optional : 

You can order a special additional drum bag for the larger sized drums

Is this calling to you? Contact me to book your own Special Sacred Soul Drum

How does it work ?


To order a custom OOAK handpainted drum you  can contact me through the contact button and let me know which price option you would like to book so we can discuss which option will be best for you 

I will ask you to send me a recent picture of yourself & and we will chat a bit about your wishes for the drum
I will make a digital mock up for approval ( or we can keep it a total surprise )

Once the drum is finished i will look for the best option to ship the Drum to you, and will send you the shipping invoice so you can pay for the shipping 


Price Options for a REMO drum: 

- You can choose between different sizes / options : 

 10¨ x 3.5 / 25 x 9 cm   :  433 euro

  12¨ x 3.5  / 30 x 9 cm  :  511 euro

14¨ x 3.5 / 35 x 9 cm  :  688 euro

16¨ x 3.5 / 40 x 9 cm  : 888 euro

22¨ x 3.5 / 55 x 9 cm  :  1599 euro

These prices are without shipping
Shipping will be billed and paid seperately, you can either choose regular shipping or shipping by courier.



I also offer handpainted ocean drums 

The prices for a custom handpainted OCEAN DRUM are :

10" :  433 euro

12" :  511 euro

14" :  688 euro

16" :  888 euro

 18" : 1111 euro 

20" :  1399 euro

  22" :  1599 euro

Payment Plans are possible, contact me for info

When you contact me to order your Sacred Soul Drum you can let me know the size /  price option you would like to book



















A commissioned drum is a very special and sacred experience and I will do my very best to make it a special, joyous and welcoming experience throughout the entire process!


Below are the general terms and conditions regarding etiquette between us to ensure clarity and safety.

  • Timely responses to emails and invoices are encouraged.

  • Prices listed on the website are for aprox 1 spirit animal / portrait...if you for example would like several animals there can be an additional fee 

  • Requesting additional adjustments and alterations beyond the agreed upon concept design which you approved is not accepted unless express permission is granted, there might apply an additional fee.

  • Tight deadlines will be refused !

  • Frequent emails intended to speed up the process are not welcomed and may delay the completion of the drum artwork...as an intuitive artist working on such a special project i dont want to feel rushed and pushed.

  • This causes stress which is not in favor of the commissioned artwork. Especially due to the nature of this commission

  • current time to complete a drum is aprox 6months

* All my sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and intensive and custom processes.


* Gentle care, dont play it with sharp objects, like rings etc to avoid damage
Even though each drum has several layers of protection on top of the painting 

* I recommend using a drum bag when transporting your drum ( be careful not to damage your drum with sharp zippers ) 

* If you have any questions, just let me know