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Crystal Pendant Necklace

Price  177 EUR + shipping

I am SO passionate about tapping into my creativity and intuition...and always work with crystals in my work

( in my paintings ... Crystal jewelry etc )


One of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is creating these custom crystal pendants


Not 'just ' a necklace...but so much more !


They are Infused with energy, Intentions and Crystal Energy


Wear it and feel the powerful energy radiating and surrounding you

Hold it in your hands while meditating /doing a reading/working

Display / hang it at your altar, near your working place


Raise your vibration
Protect your energy

Clear negative energy

Embrace the healing power

Tap into the calmness and peace
Balance your chakras 

Feel empowered

Want your own custom made crystal necklace?

What you will receive : 

- A custom Created Crystal Pendant / Necklace

- An overview of the crystals i used and what their properties are

How does it work ?

When you decide to go forward with this offering, you can use the payment button, or message me and i will send you an invoice


After the payment is in, your spot in my commission calender has been secured and the process begins.

We will chat about what you would like the necklace to support you with

( like Selflove, pain, healing, insecurity, fears, grief, shame, fibromyalgia etc )

What intentions


I will then tap into what crystals to work with / use the crystals that will support you, source them and start creating your custom piece.

You can let me know if you would like me to work with (a) certain crystal(s)  or if you would like me to journey on it and see what crystals come up for you to support you

Shipping will be billed and paid seperately after the pendant is finished !


* All my sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and processes. You are asked to trust that your team of Divine Helpers and I will deliver an experience designed for your Highest Good.

* If you have any questions, just let me know

* If you want me to use certain specific crystals and source them there might be an additional fee in place as the prices of the crystals may be much higher.




A commission  is a very special and sacred experience and I will do my very best to make it a special, joyous and welcoming experience throughout the entire process!


Below are the general terms and conditions regarding etiquette between us to ensure clarity and safety.

  • Timely responses to emails and invoices are encouraged.

  • Tight deadlines will be refused 

  • Frequent emails intended to speed up the process are not welcomed and may delay the completion of the drum an intuitive artist working on such a special project i dont want to feel rushed and pushed.
    Let me explain, as an intuitive artist it is extremely important to create at the Divine Timing. When the energy is high vibe, so i can tune in, channel and create.... compounding all that powerful and beautiful energy into the piece


* All my sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal pieces and intensive and custom processes.


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