Inner Soul Portrait 

Price  502 EUR  + shipping

(if you have a special budget / prefer a smaller size

message me and i will let you know what i can offer you

within your budget )

I ask. I listen. I receive. I paint.

An inner soul portrait reveals aspects of your true self...

All of my sessions/inner soul portraits are with the purpose to reconnect you back to your soul’s light, give guidance and healing, and ignite the divine power within you.

It is created to help you remember, to empower and bring activation to you soul’s purpose, to who you truly are, deep inside 

and what you were sent to Earth for.

Your purpose, your mission

The benefits of an inner soul portrait :

- it provides healing,
- awakens , inspires
- acknowledge your divine guidance
- opens your heart
- connects to your higher self
- increases self love, appreciation and acceptance
- heals body, mind and spirit
- supports you in your sacred transformation

- it allows you to let go of what is no longer needed, leaving space for peace, healing and transformation.  

The inner soul portraits are Infused with crystals, energy, healing and Moon water

It will come with a message
The message will be send with the painting

I will let you know which crystals etc called me to use for you

How does it work ?

You will send me a recent picture of yourself & I will send you some questions

The more information I have to work with the clearer the message and the easier i receive.

Than I will connect to your energy / soul / my spirit team and i will receive your piece
There is no judgement or what so ever, only kindness, honor, respect, honesty and trust

If you would like a smaller size or have a smaller budget, let me know and i can let you know what i can offer you within your budget 



*  Approx 6 to 12 weeks turn around from moment that i received the payment ( sometimes sooner depending on the waiting list 

( as always i am creating / channeling at the perfect, aligned and divine time, when i feel called to it )
*  I normally use a size of aprox 12x12 inches to  30x40 cm ( 12x16 inches ) If you have a specific size request, let me know

* You can let me know your preferred medium, but i need to be complety free in what i use to create these channeled pieces, so i can stay in the flow and not feel restrained in what to use 

- i work with mixed media, acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastels, soft pastel, watercolor etc. I often use a combination of mediums

* The seperate shipping costs will be paid before shipping out the painting
You can choose to upgrade the standard shipping

I will contact you about the shipping once the portrait is ready.

*I will use different oracle decks at the same time, combine them, and will use the decks i feel called to use.

* All sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and processes. You are asked to trust that your team of Divine Helpers and I will deliver an experience designed for your Highest Good.

* If you have any questions, just let me know

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