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She does something Incredible. she makes heart, that speaks, and communicates, and can heal. All art, does this, but there's something very special, about hers. it's holistic, it's spiritually lead, and it does, things. it's stuffed, full of light, different pieces, are direct channels, through which, whatever you need, can flow. again, this is true, of all things, but this is, rather incredible. check the page out. click on what you are drawn to, when you've finished feasting, feeding, oon the image, until you're full, it may be the words, that accompany each piece, that are there to speak to you. I hope you find, some of what you need. In friendship,


Nanda is a truly gifted artist who makes energy and visions come alive in all her work. Every piece is filled with so much energy, healing power and scared intentions that will support you and your home on the long run.
Depth, soul, joy, abundance, inspiration.
I am honestly at a loss for words to describe just how unique her work is and how fulfilling it is to look at it and experience it.

I am glad I met her and can’t wait to have a room in our soon to come new home dedicated to her work!


Nanda's art work is more than beautiful, which is obvious! Her beautiful spiritual gifts infuse every piece she creates. You can feel the power of her work directly through the computer screen. You cannot even IMAGINE the energy and the flow that having an original piece in your home or office does!! I highly recommend EVERYONE own a piece of this talented artist's excellent work!


Nanda is not only a talented artist with her physical painting skills but she also infuses her work with high vibrational healing energy, which makes it as healing as it is beautiful. I have a few paintings and also one on a slice of blue agate. The energy I get from all of these pieces of divine art I can physically feel and their beauty elevates my soul.


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