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Sacred Soul Code Painting

Price  555 EUR  + shipping

Payment plan possible, contact me

I ask. I listen. I receive. I paint.

Like a finger print we all have our unique Sacred Soul Code


It is the Code that will help you the most at this time and space.


A Sacred Soul Code holds energy... It is an energetic symbol 


Benefits of a Sacred Soul Code Painting : 

- The energy acts as a form of energy healing

This energy can shift, move, heal, transform and manipulate energy so that you can release what is no longer needed

- They also bring in energy with them.

This energy will move through your energy field, your body and will settle in your cells.

- They work at a cellular level

- They help you feel more in your power, empower you

- It awakens dormant DNA, energy and also helps you align with your souls purpose, your path.

- You will FEEL its message, you will remember....

- They help raise your vibration

- Connect you deeper to yourself

- Heals, empowers

- Awakens

- Activates

- Helps to take inspired action

and much more !


The symbol will come with a word or message


Hold it, meditate with it, look at it, write it, tattoo it...


So many ways to work with them

Let it heal you, empower you, attract clients, manifest, awaken FEEL the message, The energy

Allow the activation to take place

Take a deep breath and feel into your heart and body.


Is this calling to you? Let me receive your personal Code

How does it work ?

You will send me a recent picture of yourself & I will send you some questions
You might have a special intention that you want me to work with ...

or you can let me receive what is for your highest good at this moment in time and space

The more information I have to work with the clearer the receiving will be.

There is no judgement or what so ever, only kindness, honor, respect, honesty and trust

I will let you know which crystals etc called me to use for you

The message will be send with the painting.

If you have a special budget / prefer a different size painting, contact me, and i will let you know what i can offer you within your budget 






*  Approx 5 to 9 weeks turn around from moment that i received the payment ( sometimes sooner depending on the waiting list 

( as always i am creating / channeling at the perfect, aligned and divine time, when i feel called to it )
*  Size aprox  12x12 to 12x16  inches ( if you prefer a different size you can contact me to see what is possible ) 

* You can let me know your preferred medium, but i need to be complety free in what i use to create these channeled pieces, so i can stay in the flow and not feel restrained in what to use 

- i work with mixed media, acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastels, soft pastel, watercolor etc. I often use a combination of mediums

* The seperate shipping costs will be paid before shipping out the painting

I will contact you about the shipping once your portrait is ready

* All my sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and processes. You are asked to trust that your team of Divine Helpers and I will deliver an experience designed for your Highest Good.

* If you have any questions, just let me know

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