Hello Beautiful Soul !

Before i started creating Sacred Soul Art i used to design logos, banners, headers, business cards, flyers, posters, etc.

Now i combine my sacred soul art / energy and more to channel and create truly powerful and magical designs for you and your business 


Channeled and co-created with your Higher Self
Aligned to your business

The end result is infused with two powerful activations which will attract your ideal clients to you.

When finalized I infuse them for you

 I weave the energies, aligning your visual presence to your unique energetic soul signature, helping to draw in your ideal clients magnetically.

For more information and prices send me a message 

I am ready to create some magic !

*  A Basic Logo Design starts at 555 euro

( this is suitable for your website / businesscard / online presence  )

I will create special package prices based on your needs and wishes 
If you have a special budget let me know, and i can see what i can offer you within your budget.


* You can also buy the ORIGINAL sacred soul art piece that is created for and used in your design.

The art work is infused with the intentions, energy, crystals, moon water etc. 
It will radiate all this beautiful  strong energy in your office / your home.

Which makes the whole experience extra special and powerful  !!

The original art work in :

A4 size ( Size 21x29.7 cm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches ) for an additional 177 euro
A3 size (  29.7x42 cm / 11.7 x 16.5 inches )  for an additional 277 euro

( please let me know upfront on which size you would like me to work for you )


Payment Plans are possible !



































The process : 


- When you are ready to book my soul branding service we will discuss your needs and i can give you a price quote

- Prices will depend on the products you would like to have designed 

 ( logo online only, or printable as well/cover/header/business card/ flyer/post templates etc )

- When you are ready to book my soul branding service and you are ok with the price, i will set up a listing so you can book your spot.
I will than send you a questionnaire so i have a good idea about you, your business, your wishes etc.

- Payment Plans are possible most of the time

- When you would like to use your design commercially, as in earning money with the design, you will need to buy a commercial license. 
- As i channel your (logo)design i will need some time to create these designs, as it is very important to not rush the process

- As i ¨receive¨ these designs, i might have a waiting list

- Turn around time, 6-12 weeks from the moment the full payment is in.