Nanda Boukes

I am an intuitive artist, light worker, and creative guide. Originally Dutch, but living my Dream in Spain together with my beautiful family

My passion and purpose is to help people connect to their inner creative spirit and ignite and nurture that creative flame.

Helping people to step into their power, heal and connect to their inner Creator, so they can live the life they desire.

Working together with GUS ( God-Universe-Spirit ),

channeling messages of healing, memories & empowerment

Spreading love, light, joy and peace

I have a strong connection with nature, the mountains, the ocean, dolphins, whales, elephants, owls dragons, and crystals, the moon/ lunar cycles & Lemuria

As a multi passionate i love 'creating'  in general.... 

Paintings, paintings on wood slices/rounds, creating crystal pendants and wands, sacred clay bowls,

crystal grids and more

Creating from my True essence, helped me SO much, to find and spread the light,  inner strength, soul purpose and so much more

It has really been a life saver for me and i am SO passionate in helping other find that too

In my online art courses and in-person workshops i am sharing more and more from that healing journey.... 

Art classes...  programs... combinations of art techniques - Inner work - Inner Journey - healing - creating from your essence and more!

Guiding others on that sacred journey inwards, where the healing and empowerment can be found , where you TRUE self is, waiting for you to hear what it has to say to you

Together we rise !

Sacred Soul Art by Nanda

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Located in Southern Spain

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