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Nanda Boukes

I am Nanda

Intuitive Spiritual Artist

Creative Channel



Creative Catalyst

Bringer of healing, love and empowerment with the things i create.

Originally Dutch, but living my Dream in Spain together with my beautiful family, my husband and our 4 children and not to forget our fur babies.

I did not choose the suffering and the struggles i have experienced in my life, but i survived it and now i am using all of that to be a light for others.

Painting messages of healing, love & empowerment

My art is not ¨ just ¨ Art

It is channeled and created intuitively

It is like an access point to upgraded energy

Each painting holds a  specific frequency
And that frequency can have a clear and deep impact and effect on us, our space and our energy field.

It is a message

It offers healing


A connection to the Divine and your deep inner self

It radiates positive high frequency energy

My mission is that people get to enjoy and experience THAT

I have a strong connection with nature, the mountains, the ocean, horses, dolphins, elephants,

owls, crystals, the moon/ lunar cycles 

My keywords are : 

creative, loving, supportive, listener, inspiring, empowering, warrior, very loyal and strong

I love :

My family above all

Deep belly laughs



Walking barefoot in the sand and grass


Yummy food

Connecting with sweet people


Real conversations

and so much more

As a multi passionate i love 'creating'  in general.... 

Paintings, Drum paintings,  painting on wood slices/rounds,

creating crystal pendants and wands


Creating from my True essence, helped me SO much to find my  inner strength, soul purpose ,

finding  and speaking my light and so much more

It has been a real life saver for me  

I offer online courses and in person workshops where i teach 
combinations of art techniques - Learning to find and embrace flow - Inner work - Inner Journey -

Healing - Connecting and Creating from your essence

and more!

Guiding others on that sacred journey inwards, where the healing and empowerment can be found ,

where you TRUE self is,

waiting for you to hear what it has to say to you

Together we rise !


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