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The doors to THE EXPERIENCE are officially OPEN !!

There are limited spots in my calender available in 2022/2023

What is : The Experience ?

The experience is a VERY special offering.


My intuition and knowing is my super power

And bringing deep love and empowerment into the world is my purpose and passion

This offering is ALL about that !!

Creating a very powerful, healing and beautiful experience & empowering ´tool´ to accompany and guide you on your journey

Something you can touch, feel, see, and tap into, so you can experience the powerful energy it radiates.



In THE EXPERIENCE you will receive : 

  • A Drum or a Painting ( you can choose )

  • A 1:1 session of 1 hour where we will discover what wants to come forward for you drum or painting. This will be done in my own special way

  • 3 cards will be pullled and will used  for creating your drum, the messages will be included in your e/book

  • I will be using my own special way of infusing the drum or painting, with love, empowerment and healing. And will be using the energy of crystals and sound healing among other things.

  • You drum or painting will be created in a very high vibe and deep loving energy, environment and process. Compounding all the positive, high vibe energy

  • A special custom created E-BOOK, where you can see the journey of your drum or painting, where i will show you the different stages of the creation process, which crystals i used, their properties, etc.
    So a beautiful addition to your drum or painting where you can keep coming back to, to read the message, the medicine for you. 
    A little book of empowerment. 

  • A dedication post on social media where i will show the drum or painting and will tell the message of the drum or painting, in short, to celebrate birthing this drum or painting into the world.

  • A recording of me playing your drum ( or in case you have the painting offering, A drum ) and transmitting a message, or a meditation.... just what i feel called to record for you. .....   Transmitting Healing Energy, Activations, Empowerment

  • A drum bag to hold and protect your drum, or a beautiful and special gift from me for you

  • Shipping of the drum or painting is included in this package


This is going to be an AMAZING experience !


The Different options in THE EXPERIENCE : 



                                                                                            16" drum ( ocean or remo drum ) :  1.888  euro

                                                                                            18" ocean drum :                                      2.111   euro

                                                                                            20" ocean drum :                                      2.444   euro

                                                                                            22" drum ( ocean or remo drum ) :  2.777  euro



I can source a different type of drum if you wish, there might be an additional fee for that depending on the type of drum.


Aproximate sizes : 

                                                                                                 20 x 24 inches painting :  2.555  euro
                                                                                                 20 x 28 inches painting :  2.888  euro
24 x 36 inches painting :  3.888  euro   
                                                                                                 30 x 40 inches painting :  5.222  euro

                                                                                                 36 x 48 inches painting :   7.111 euro
                                                                                                 40 x 60 inches painting :  9.555  euro




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