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12 Month Sacred Soul (c) art reading


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A 12 month card reading, but different


This session / Portrait will help you connect with you Spirit Animal

As a Channel i receive through knowing and feeling, i am very visual and i get messages through signs and ideas. This offering was such a big sign and i just could´nt ignore it, it was coming through loud and clear !

I have a very deep connection to energy, and can read and use it, and i absolutely love to work with it in my work, in what i create. 

So what i got was this beautiful, powerful, physical element that i could add instead of only words.

Something that radiates the energy and reflects the it works on a deeper level that just hearing or reading the words.

And so the Sacred Soul (c)art readings where born.


The benefits of a 12 month reading : 

- Gain insight and strength

- Guidance

- Inspiration

- Gain clarity to overcome obstacles

- Move forward and reinvent your life

- They offer hope, clarity, and comfort

- Can be used for reflection

- Feel more connected

- Understand next steps
- Identify areas in need of improvement 

- Help you develop your intuition, self-love, inner beauty, and emotional well-being.











What you will receive : 

- Each month you will receive a pdf, with the messages and the painting ( digitally ), and a seperate digital file of the painting.

I might also be sending you an extra voice message if i feel called to do so

- At the end of the 12 months you will receive an E-Book with ALL the messages, and the painting so you can look back, and have a personal book to come back to, a book of empowerment, healing and clarity

As an ADD ON, you can also choose to receive the original paintings each month

The paintings will be created on special paper suited to create ART on with different mediums

How does it work ?

When you are ready we will book you in and we get started. 

It will start the month you order and you will receive a focus card(s) for each month ahead.

You can let me know what you want guidance on, or you leave it open.

Simply email or dm me on facebook, 1 question or concern each month, that are on the top of your mind or in your heart.

You will receive different styles of paintings, in different mediums, just what i feel called to use to reflect the energy and the message 

With digital paintings :  

Pay in Full :  1.222 euro

2 payments of 722 euro


With original paintings  ( i will ship the original painting every month to  you ) :


Pay in Full : 1.888 euro


2 payments of 999 including shipping

* All my sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and processes.

You are asked to trust that your team of Divine Helpers and I will deliver an experience designed for your Highest Good.

* If you have any questions, just let me know

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