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Drum / Sound Healing Journey - Meditation & Activation Offering

Drumming connects our heartbeat to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

In our core we are all sound, energy and vibration.

In the womb you heard your mothers heartbeat.
Your initiation into life is first sensed completely through rhythm.

I use the healing power and the resonance of the drum to connect with the rhythm that you need for healing.

The resonance works on your subtle energy body, clearing energy blocks you might have.
This raises your vibration and brings deep healing.

A drum healing session helps you ground in the present moment, and helps releasing and moving through strong emotions such as grief and pain.

Throughout life we may experience mental, spiritual, emotional and physical pain.
Stressful, traumatic, or painful experiences, on both a physical , energetic and emotional level, leave an imprint in your body. 

Sound vibrations resonate through every cell in your body, stimulating the release of negative cellular memories.

The Drum Healing session will release tension and energetic blocks, stagnation and old patterning.

A Drum healing session can help transforming the negative energy of past traumas and blocks into positive energy.

We are working on allowing the flow of life force energy in the body, so you can feel more whole, can feel the connection to your deep inner self better again.

A Drum Healing session makes the left and the right brain pulsate in harmony. 
The inner guidance of intuitive knowing  can then flow unimpeded into conscious awareness.

We can work with intentions you have.
I will active parts that need activation.


I will be channeling the wisdom from my guides, and my intuition to drum and bring forward what is needed.

It is a very deep and sacred form of healing, where i work with my drum(s) crystals, and more.

The benefits of a Drum / Sound Healing Session : 


  •  It reduces tension, anxiety and stress

  • It helps with chronic pain

  • It boosts and strengthens the immune system

  • It releases negative feelings, energy blocks and emotions

  • It brings deep healing

  • Emotional Release

  • Connection to intuition and your deep inner self

  • Helps to reach deeper self awareness

  • Helps you stay in the present  moment

  • Deep relaxation

  • Grounding

  • Energy boost

No session is the same as we all have our unique experience, all depends on what you require at that moment. 

Is this calling to you? Contact me to book your own Drum Healing Session

How does it work ?


When you decide to book your online Drum Healing session i will ask you some questions so i can see what areas we will be working on, and which healing modalities will be used. ( for example the use of certain crystals ).

When it is time for our session i will create a sacred space for the healing.

I will smudge, burn insense

You can lay down, or sit, whatever your prefer, relax and listen. 
( you can turn off your side of the video if you prefer )

I recommend having a blanket with you and some water

I will do sound healing - a drum journey - meditation healing session

Will pull a card and will share the message, affirmations and what else comes through for you.

I will reflect with you, listen...or just hold space.... whatever is needed in the moment

I ask you not to drink caffeine, or alcohol before and after your session. After the Drum healing session i advise you to drink plenty of water to release the toxins


Energy Exchange for a Drum/Sound Healing Session: 

 1 on 1  Online Session 

45 minutes

155 euro

Online 1 on 1 session + Recording: 

1 hour 
277 euro

Book several sessions at once and you will receive a discount.











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