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Commission Agreement 
For transparency & clarity


Once you have received the original painting, you will own this painting and deserve the right to display the artwork in your home.

The artist, Nanda Boukes, retains all copyright and reproduction rights to ALL artwork produced, including the right of resale through prints and merchandise.

The purchase of partial rights to the artwork can be negotiated.


Shipping for the commissioned artwork is FREE, worldwide ! 

It will be delivered via a courier. 

You will receive

- a certificate of authenticity


Payment options include PayPal and invoice.

Other payment options can be discussed.

Please note that the artist, Nanda Boukes, won´t start with the painting nor the initial concept design without a 50% (non-refundable) deposit.


Once your artwork is finished, the remaining 50% will be invoiced with a seven day due date Payment is expected to be within this due date.


Before the payment has been cleared the painting will not be shipped out.


If the payment has not been received within 30 days ( since you received the invoice in your email/dm ) the artwork will be re-sold with no refund.

Artist, Nanda Boukes, can make an exception under certain circumstances, but that decision is reserved to be made by the artist only.


The client can request 2 reasonable adjustments within the agreed upon price within the aproved concept design.

If further adjustments, outside the concept design are requested, a fee of EUR 950 per adjustment will be added to the final price


You will be provided with a digital mock-up of the piece for your approval upfront, before the painting process starts.

A Mock Up is a concept for me to use within the painting process. It will not be identical to the finished piece as i am an intuitive artist and would like to keep my freedom and decision making in my art creating process, as this is the juicy part of the process.

This intuitive part is a very important aspect of the process and can not be created upfront in a source/example.


I will decline the following subject matter : 

- copyrighted characters
- very realistic portraits of family members ( i like to use my creative freedom in my painting process ) 


I have the right to turn down a proposal/request if i feel we are not a ¨Match¨


I have limited spots in my calender for commissioned pieces.


I will contact you through my email if we are connected there, regarding the requested commissioned artwork


Offering commissions is a VERY SPECIAL experience and I will do everything to make it a special and joyful experience throughout the process.

Here are the general terms and conditions regarding etiquette between us.

  • I encourage a timely responses to emails and invoices

  • Requesting additional adjustments/alterations beyond the agreed concept design is not allowed unless  permission is granted with an additional fee.

  • I dont do tight deadlines, tight deadlines will be refused.

  • Also, frequent emails with the intend to speed up the process are not welcomed
    This even may delay the completion of the artwork.... i can only create a magical painting when i am not stressed out and chased around ;-) , let me explain why.....


  • It is very important for the process to paint when i feel called to paint in that specific moment as i compound the positive energy in the process and painting.... when i paint like that, the painting will be holding that beautiful energy 


When we agree on your commission request, the price is a fixed price that we agreed upon, unless you require further adjusments

The artist, Nanda Boukes, reserved the right to increase commission prices in the future.

A commissioned artwork is customised to your needs and wishes and takes a significant amount of preparation and time on my part, therefor, custom pieces are priced higher than some of the available paintings listed in my shop/online gallery


All original purchases including commissions are final as your (custom) piece is personalised,  and I personally pay to ship the piece via courier to you. 


The 50% deposit secures your place in my commission calendar and pays for a portion of my time as the process often takes a while and takes me out of my natural creative flow..


The 50% deposit is non-refundable.

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