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VIP Sacred Soul Session Package

Price  2222 eur - 7777 eur  incl. shipping 

( depending on size )

Payment Plan possible 

I ask. I listen. I Allow. I receive. I trust. I paint.

Sacred Soul Session Package 

Painting - Energy Work - Regular Contact and more !

You are asked to trust that your Spirit Team and I will deliver an experience designed for your highest good.

You will be involved in every step of this amazing process.

Your Custom Created Painting is like a portal.
It helps you connecting to the Universe, Universal Flow, your Guides, your Spirit Team, your TRUE self.

It is a portal to the Energy Work and the Sacred Rituals that where used in the studio when creating your Piece.

I ask, listen, allow, receive, trust and paint.

You ask, acces, act and allow, which helps you shifting into alignment, into awareness of Self.

Layer by Layer

Message by Message 

The painting emerges

in what it is meant to be 

Each layer is filled with meaning

with messages

with energy work

with symbolism


Benefits of a Sacred Soul Session Package : 

- The energy acts as a form of energy healing

This energy can shift, move, heal, transform and manipulate energy so that you can release what is no longer needed

- Helps you to release what no longer serves you

- Connects you to your Guides, your Spirit Team

- An experience designed for your highest good

- Connects you to unconditional love

- A transformational experience

- Raises your vibration

- Supports you to be your true Self

- Increases Self Love, understanding

- Reflects your beautiful essence

- it will help you on your path to your highest good, and works as an accelerator

- Helps you to connect to the flow 

- They help you feel more in your power, empower you

- You will FEEL its message, you will remember....

- They help raise your vibration

- Connect you deeper to yourself

- Heals, empowers

- Awakens

- Activates

- Helps to take inspired action

and much more !


What you will receive : 

- Regular emails/pm´s  during period i am working on /with your pieces with 

 Messages from your Spirit Team

Symbols to explore,

exercises to do

Pictures of the painting progress / process

- Energy work reports ( infused in the painting, and on you ) -   crystal healing , chakra work etc.

- I will remove internal blocks so you can move forward

I will use a variety of healing modalities to help you harness the positive energies that will allow you to claim your healing.

- The Painting, created especially for you, intuitively channeled energy for you in your essence

- A special Personal Meditation

- Your own Sacred Soul Code 

- Extra Gifts

- An E-Book once the painting is finished, so you can see how your piece has been born, With the crystals used, messages etc.

Is this calling to you? Contact me to book your own Special Sacred Soul Session package

How does it work ?


To book a Sacred Soul Session VIP package you  can contact me through the contact button and let me know which price option package you would like to book. 

I will ask you to send me a recent picture of yourself & I will send you some questions

The more information I have to work with the clearer the channeling / Reading will be.

There is no judgement or what so ever, only kindness, honor, respect, honesty and trust

I will contact you through email or pm by Facebook ( whatever your prefer ) and will send you regular messages and energy reports, work in progress pics etc.

I will let you know which crystals etc called me to use for you

Price Options : 

- You can choose between different sizes / packages : 

1- size aprox 30x30 cm to 30x40 cm ----12x12 inches to 12x16 inches   - 2222 EUR

2- size aprox 40x40 / 30x60 / 40x50 cm ----  16x16 / 12x24 / 16x20 inches  -  3333 EUR 

3- size aprox 50x60 / 60x60 / 40x70 cm  ---- 20x24 / 24x24 / 16x27 inches - 4444 EUR 

4- size aprox 60x120 / 90 x90  cm ---- 24x27 / 35x35 / inches - 7777 EUR 


If you have a specific size in mind you can let me know.

When you contact me to book your Sacred Soul Session you can let me know the size /  price option you would like to book.

*  Approx 4 to 9 weeks turn around from moment that i received the payment till shipping it out. ( sometimes sooner depending on the waiting list 

( as always i am creating / channeling at the perfect, aligned and divine time, when i feel called to it ) 

* You can let me know your preferred medium, but i need to be complety free in what i use to create these channeled pieces, so i can stay in the flow and not feel restrained in what to use 

- i work with mixed media, acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastels, soft pastel, watercolor etc. I often use a combination of mediums

* including shipping

* All my sessions are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and processes. You are asked to trust that your team of Divine Helpers and I will deliver an experience designed for your Highest Good.

* If you have any questions, just let me know

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